New(ish) Music

Every Friday I’ll be posting songs that have been on my stereo that week. They’ll include new(ish) music to classic oldies, plus any standout tour dates.


In celebration of ‘Get Better’ a documentary about Frank Turner, here’s the song ‘Get Better’. The DVD is a great watch, thanks to everyone involved.

Haven’t heard this for a long time, but it got a play on I Love It Loud: The Gene Simmons Rock Show on BBC Radio 2, Tues night. What a song!

Before the likes of Royal Blood and Slaves, there was Blood Red Shoes. They proved that two people could make epic rock music better than any three, four, or five-piece. ‘Bangsar’ is the band’s latest single.

Sticking with the theme. ‘Eye To Eye’ was released earlier this year.

Here’s something to get you started. I recently reviewed Jule Vera‘s latest album for new music blog Turtle Tempo. You can see the review here.

Their latest single is called ‘Something Good’.


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