2013: I worked for Warlock Media. During this time I wrote articles about travel, financial law, health topics including art therapy, and even guest blogging for a women’s health blog (I know I’m not a lady).

2013: Contributor for football website Tika Taka.

2013: Contributor for the online encyclopaedia

2013: Ghost writer for a children’s book.

2014 – 2015: I took this time to pursue my love of writing poetry. Selected poems can be found at The Factory at – it is an ongoing project.

January 2016: Started writing album reviews and began an online series called disBANDed. 

February 2016 – present: Writing reviews, news and interviews at Songwriting magazine.

April 2017 – present: I joined the Turtle Tempo and Words For Music teams, writing reviews.


Me (in the green jacket) with Mike from Street Dogs, and an unknown fan of the band.



Me (in the same green jacket, 2 years later – I need a new jacket!) with Benji from Astroid Boys.