The Pikasso



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Some of you may already be familiar with musician Pat Metheny and his music. You might also be aware of his Pikasso guitar, but here is some background on the unique stringed instrument.

In 1984 Pat Metheny approached Linda Manzer with the challenge to build him a guitar with as many strings as possible. The result was the Pikasso guitar. It’s a semi-acoustic instrument, with a hexaphonic pick up on the six-string section that allowed Metheny to control samples.

For the guitar geeks amongst you, the Pikasso is made up of Indian Rosewood Back and Sides, German Spruce top, Mahogany Necks, Ebony fingerboards, bridges and face plates, Pau abalone decorative trim Boxwood, Rosewood, Abalone Rosette Brass insets for mounting on a stand.

The guitar features The “Wedge” ©™ 1984. The unique feature was designed to allow the player to have an aerial view of the top of the instrument. It is now available as an optional add-on to all Manzer’s flattops.

As you can hear from the video, the Pikasso sounds like a sitar or a harp, making it more dynamic than a guitar (hence why it was designed). And I guess it’s called the Pikasso due to its resemblance to Surrealism art, an area that Pablo Picasso explored during his career.


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