Review: ‘Sound The Alarm’ by Less Than Jake by David Chrzanowski

A call to arms that won’t disappoint fans, as the kings of ska punk deliver another album packed with anthems

Fans of ska punk quintet Less Than Jake expect a certain standard from the band’s albums. They regularly exceed expectations and Sound The Alarm meets the grade. It’s the band’s first release in over three years and comes 22 years after their debut Pezcore hit the shelves.

Even after over two decades, there has never been any sign of these guys waning. It is apt that the opening track is titled Call To Arms, pointing to rising tensions in US politics. Although it could be interpreted as a message to fans that the Less Than Jake battle vehicle will never cease.

The rest of the album is set in the same vein of high-octane guitars and brass, as can be heard on Good Sign. The album is an excellent representation of the band’s songwriting abilities and proves to be a solid debut release on Pure Noise Records.

To the untrained ear, Less Than Jake’s songs and albums will blend into one another, but there is always a defining theme or sound. This time there is a level of control and maturity in the way the songs have been put together. Less Than Jake always remain true to themselves and their fans, and it’s why they are one of the most respected bands in the scene.

David Chrzanowski


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