‘Levollinen’ by Lost Left (Album)

Lost Left were Ben Pritchard (vocals, guitar), Bobby Crawford (drums) and Chris Pollock (bass). The band have since disbanded. However, thanks to Hits The Fan Records the band’s debut underground masterpiece is getting a dusting-off and is being re-released.

Having been described as falling somewhere between the “post rock spirit of Mogwai and the shambolic pace of Arcade Fire,” the band’s moody and at times disheveled sound always comes full circle, tied together neatly with controlled precision.

For a three-piece, the band creates a lot of noise and sonic mess, and combine this with whimsically sparing vocals and clever arrangement. The band aren’t afraid to allow a song length to develop into its own – the longest song on the album, Purdah is 10 minutes long. Whoever unearthed this and thought to re-release it deserves a medal.



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