disBANDed – ep 2: Good Shoes

Where have Good Shoes gone?

Normally when bands split they let their fans know, usually via a statement on their website. Good Shoe’s website hasn’t been updated since 2011. It’s been 5 years since this band, under rated and teetering on the edge of something more substantial then selling out your local indie club, released an album.

Good Shoes were exciting. They broke during a time when indie pop was reinventing itself once more, or recycling to make something a little different, maybe? I was immediately drawn to the two hard-panned guitars. Offset from one another, playing bouncy yet jagged countermelodies. Combine the two with baselines that purposefully wonder gleefully between said guitars and drums, and the compositions provide so much to listen to. The vocals are wistful. The lyrics tell stories of everyday city issues like racism and drug deals gone bad; brilliantly written narratives.

The first album is almost flawless, every song stands its ground. The second album isn’t as strong, but is still a striking collection, as the lyrics and mood take a darker turn. I always thought the title, No Hope, No Future, was a typical sign of a disgruntled guitar band, but now I wonder if they knew this was to be the last outting for the band.

Get yourself a copy of their debut, Think Before You Speak, listen, enjoy, and fall in love with Good Shoes like I did nearly ten years ago.


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