‘Leave Me Alone’ Hinds Review (Album)

Album Art

As effortlessly cool as this debut release by the Madrid-based quartet is, I feel we may have heard this sound before. The album is a homage to garage-pop, lo-fi indie and although the sound maybe rehashed, it still leaves a satisfying ring in the ears and has more layers than an over-packed shed. The first spin was an enjoyable experience, the second, however, left me a little underwhelmed. But, after returning to the album a couple of weeks later, I can’t turn it off.

What makes this album so enjoyable comes down to two things: This is a group of friends making the music they love and want to make, and secondly, it’s a solid pop-rock record, even if it does take a few goes to get it, but, don’t all the best albums?

The first track, Garden, opens with guitars reminiscent to those heard on the opener of Thee Oh Sees! 2008 album, The Masters Bedroom… albeit less hard rock and more lazy, siesta afternoon. It doesn’t say a lot lyrically, but it is a favourite just for those reverberated stabs of intent.

The joint vocals on the track Warts might lack natural harmony, and have Palma Violets written all over it, but it still comes through as a stand out track on the album. It’s that period between being sober and full-on, staggering around, half naked and drunk, with a beer bottle in one hand while swinging a t-shirt around your head with the other.

All the way through this record you can hear Spain in the guitars. This can be heard clearly on the track, Castigadas en el Granero. With its folk-rock vibe, there is a haunting quality that unsettles, as well as providing a satisfying listen.

The stand out track on the album, and the one I imagine will go down the best at live shows, has to be San Diego. It is a bouncy, jangly, summer anthem in under three minutes and will transport you back to every festival you’ve ever been to; every beach party, every long, drawn out summer day when you go out in the morning and don’t return until the next.

Give this record a few goes. I dare say a lot of people will love this album from the first play, but for the rest of you it is well worth persevering. A little gem to kick the year off, definitely look out for Hinds at this year’s festivals.


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